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CCTA Wavelengths News & Notes (Summer 2014)

More Details on the 2015 Annual Meeting

Since the CCTA announced that the 2015 Annual Meeting will be held in Montego Bay, Jamaica, interest in the meeting and venue has skyrocketed. The board of directors recently approved the schedule for the three-day meeting, which will be held in two locations - Hilton Rose Hall Resort and Montego Bay Convention Centre.


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Speakers and Sessions Updates for the CCTA 2014 Annual Meeting! (November 2013)

The CCTA is pleased to announce that the schedule of speakers and sessions for the 2014 Annual Meeting has been finalized, with the addition of two Technical Topics!

Chin-Cheng Wu

Andres Capdevila

Aaron Wesley Means
Joining Chin-Cheng Wu, Chief Executive Officer and co-founder of Azuki Systems, Barry Maher, nationally-known author and speaker, and Aaron Wesley Means, dynamic speaker and owner of the Activate marketing firm, are Andres Capdevila and Daniel Howard.
Mr. Capdevila, the Pre-Sales Group Manager of the Caribbean and Latin American region for Harmonic, Inc., will present an abstract on "Ultra High Definition Television" on Tuesday, January 28.
Mr. Howard, who is the Senior Vice President of Engineering and Chief Technical Officer of the SCTE, will discuss "HFC Network Readiness for DOCSIS 3.1" during his session on Wednesday, January 29.
All five speakers are top-notch in their fields and will provide significant information for the cable industry during their presentations. Don't miss any of them!
Daniel HowardBarry Maher

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