Community Charities Program

As a service to local communities in the Caribbean, in 1993 the CCTA established the Community Charities Program to assist charitable organizations nominated by the association’s Active Members or cable operators.  During its existence, this program has funded more than 130 human and humane service charities by giving nearly $311,000 in grants.

Applications for Community Charities Program grants must be submitted by May 15 (unless another date is designated) of each year.  Active Members are eligible to nominate one non-profit organization (not an individual), serving the company’s community to receive a grant.  It is permissible for an individual Active Member to nominate the same non-profit organization every year.  The amount of the grant and the number of grants awarded are set by the Board of Directors each year based on the annual budget.  To be eligible to apply for a grant, the Active Member must be in good standing with no dues payments or other payments in arrears at the time the application is submitted.


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In 2017, 10 charities were selected to receive $1,000 grants.  They cover a host of programs serving the needs of the people of the Caribbean.  The following is a list of the 2017 grant recipients and the cable operators that nominated them.

Thank You Letters:

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